Art School and Art Shop in Galway

Did You Know There is an

Art School and Art Shop in Galway?

It’s true!

We originally opened our art shop in Loughrea, Galway, back in August of 2014 and quickly realised that there was a demand for art classes. In January 2015 we moved our art shop to a larger premises on the Main Street and began offering art classes to adults and children.

By June of 2016 the demand for classes was larger than the space we had

to accommodate it so, in August 2016 we opened our art school and art shop in the same building that is now home to Loughrea School of Art.


Our Art School and Art Shop

Typical weekly classes in our art school are:

  • children’s art classes 6-9yo
  • children’s art classes 10-12yo
  • teens art classes every Saturday morning
  • adults drawing and painting classes evenings and mornings
  • adults life drawing clsasses

And because our art shop is in the same building all the supplies you could possibly need are at your fingertips.

But, even though we’re an art school, we don’t just offer art classes!

We also offer a wide range of activities and workshops including:

  • creative writing courses
  • language courses in Spanish and French
  • Animation workshops for adults and kids
  • SFX Movie Makeup Masterclasses
  • Web design and social media workshops
  • Jewellery workshops
  • stained glass workshops and much, much more!

So, if you don’t want to suffer driving and parking in Galway city, look east to Loughrea School of Art. Whether you just want to visit our shop or take a course in our school, you’ll find everything you need under the one roof at Loughrea School of Art in East Galway.

If you would like to learn more about our classes and workshops just click Here.