So, Will Art Turn My Little One into a Genius?

Maybe, maybe not.

But what it will do is turn them into rational, creative, problem solving adults.

The world could certainly do with a lot more of those.

Exposing your child to art from an early age will be of huge benefit to them in later life. Art teaches children to think creatively, with an open mind, to observe and describe, analyse and interpret.

Art builds confidence and critical thinking.

It creates collaboration and experimentation and, ultimately, adults that work well with others.

Art teaches children to accept constructive feedback without feeling criticised. To develop focus and dedication in staying with a project from beginning to end.

The benefits of introducing your child to art at an early age far outweighs not introducing them to art.

Will your child grow up to be a genius?

Who knows!

But at least you’ll have a well adjusted, thoughtful and creative adult.

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